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Corporate marketing strategy and management

'Corporate marketing strategy and management': KMG believes that a successful marketing plan should be implemented from a corporate level. A deep grasp of customer needs and the nature of competition must be taken into consideration when allocating resources toward marketing and designing a marketing plan in order for marketing and sales jobs to contribute towards corporate growth.

    KMG provides answers for the following questions:

  • How to recognize market opportunities and maximize the benefits from said opportunities?
  • How to recognize customers' potential needs and successfully launch new products ?
  • How to combine uncertainties in the marketing and environment and product life cycles to formulate an effective pricing strategy ?
  • How to combine channel resources and structure to maximize corporate distribution ?
  • How to create an effective pull in the marketing via effective integrated marketing promotion ?

    As such, the following services will be provided:

  • Product positioning planning
  • Channel mode optimization and design
  • Integrated marketing promotion
  • Product launches
  • Area market development and expansion
  • Formulating and creating marketing processes

Marketing management case portfolio

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