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Kotler Marketing Group--global marketing strategy expert

From opportunistic development to strategic growth

Kotler Marketing Group is a global consulting company focused on marketing strategies and technology industrial strategies. We are headquarted in Washington, D.C. with two wholly owned branches located in Beijing, Shenzhen (China). Our philosophy comes from the father of modern marketing, founder of our company---Doctor Philip Kotler. We have served clients from North America, South America, Europe and Asia including over 300 companies listed on “Fortune Global 500”, nearly 200 small- and medium-sized enterprises from 16 different industries for over 40 years. Our outstanding consulting team has helped our clients create one and another business miracles .

    We are devoted to providing our clients with technological innovation industry upgrade and international strategic marketing service including:

  • Area Industry Upgrade & international innovation Corporate Identity System

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting

  • Branding Marketing Consulting

Since KMG entered China in the year of 1999, we have already been consulting for 15 national development areas and 8 cites on innovation industry and city branding. Having been consulting for over 100 Chinese companies, our professional consultants are not only experienced internationally, but also quite knowledgeable about Chinese market. Thanks to our globally operated consulting and industry development services, the professional skills of our Chinese consultants team has stepped up. Thus we are able to fulfill the growing demand and expectation from clients.

KMG's services:

  • 1.

    Industrial Strategy

  • 2.

    Marketing Strategy

  • 3.

    Branding Strategy

  • 4.

    International Marketing

  • 5.

    Technology Investment

KMG is committed to achieve the transfer of technology, brands, talents and capital from all over the world to China by utilizing Kotler’s international network, strategic planning capability, and resource integration ability.

KMG provides outstanding customized services in the eight areas below:

  • 1.

    Marketing Audit services: evaluating the company’s current marketing strategies, branding strategies, marketing mix, marketing procedure as well as marketing organizations comprehensively;

  • 2.

    Helping clients to set up the most competitive marketing strategies and accompanied plans in order to boost the company’s performance by maximize its advantage and optimize the business operation;

  • 3.

    Design the market-oriented organization structure, marketing management procedures and incentive management systems for marketing personnel.

  • 4.

    Customize strategic marketing planning systems according to the business environment of client's company. Provide system tools to operate and control marketing strategies.

  • 5.

    Offer consumer value research to help clients to quantify and measure the value they created for consumers accurately. Develop and guide marketing strategies through comparison with its competitors.

  • 6.

    6. Consult for Chinese corporates' internationalization progress and development of international market. Including customizing strategies and plans for opening up overseas market; searching international business partners; contemplations and implementation of international M&As.

  • 7.

    Transform the company's marketing mode from traditional to digital. Establish the digital integrated marketing system according to the marketing 3.0.

  • 8.

    8. Generate development strategies, industrial strategies and marketing strategies for themed cities and industrial parks based on "city marketing" and "regional buyers" models.