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Global marketing strategy expert helps you to transform your business

from opportunistic development to strategic growth.

Kotler Marketing Group is a global consulting firm specializing in marketing and branding strategies in digital times. We are headquartered in Washington, D.C., with two wholly-owned branches in Beijing and Shenzhen (China). Our philosophy comes from the father of modern marketing, the principal advisor of our company---Doctor Philip Kotler. We have served clients from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, including over 376 "Fortune 500" companies and nearly 200 small- and medium-sized enterprises from 16 different industries in the past 40 years.

KMG's business scope covers 4 sectors as follows

  • 1.

    Growth Strategy

  • 2.

    Marketing Strategy

  • 3.

    Branding Strategy

  • 4.

    International Market entry strategy

KMG provides outstanding customized services in the eight areas below:

  • 1.

    Marketing Audit services: evaluating the company's current marketing strategies, branding strategies, marketing mix, marketing procedure, as well as marketing organizations comprehensively;

  • 2.

    Helping clients to set up the most competitive marketing strategies and accompanying plans to boost the company's performance by maximizing its advantage and optimizing the business operation;

  • 3.

    Design the market-oriented organization structure, marketing management procedures, and incentive management systems for marketing personnel;

  • 4.

    Customize strategic marketing planning systems according to the business environment of the client's company. Provide system tools to operate and control marketing strategies;

  • 5.

    Offer consumer value research to help clients quantify and accurately measure the value they created for consumers. Develop and guide marketing strategies through comparison with its competitors;

  • 6.

    Consult for Chinese corporates' internationalization progress and development of the international market, including customizing strategies and plans for opening up overseas markets; searching international business partners, contemplations, and implementation of international M&As;

  • 7.

    Transform the company's marketing mode from traditional to digital. Establish the digital integrated marketing system according to marketing 5.0;

  • 8.

    Generate development strategies, industrial strategies, and marketing strategies for themed cities and industrial parks based on "place marketing" and "regional buyers" models.