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Personnel Training Program

Join KMG where you will meet the culture of innovation and creativeness. From constantly updating your knowledge, learning management, efficient teamwork and interaction with clients, you will gain improvement from every aspect.

After taking the office, we are going to assign you a mentor who will be responsible for your life and career development, offering trainings and advices, guiding your project works as well as keeping up with your working circumstances. You will be continually obtaining project experiences and knowledge from guidance and feedbacks.

You will be attending trainings according to your consulting level therefore you can meet our standard sooner. Considering your academic background, capability and personal willingness, you will have the opportunity to participate in different projects from different fields, Your working performance decides what job will be assigned to you. As you will constantly getting new challenge from work everyday, you will present the best of your ability and show all your potential. Plus you will continuously receive feedback from clients, colleagues and project managers and guidance from your mentor, which will help you develop more positively.

The project manager will give you the feedback after finishing every project while your mentor will evaluate you with feedbacks from project managers and your work performance. We will award you the corresponding bonus according to the evaluation. At the same time, you will have the chance to get promotion depends on your job performance.

No matter which path you choose, the career life in KMG will provide you the strongest guarantee for your future development whether in the field of consulting or others.