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Urban Development Division

Urban Development Division founded in 1985, is one of the three divisions under KMG(US). So far, URC China managing team includes:

        Mr. Austin Ao, general manager of Urban Development Division KMG managing partner.
        Mr. Mumin Yao, urban strategy chief advisor, KMG managing partner.
        Ms.Esther Wang, COO of KMG Urban Development Division, and General Manager of KMG Beijing Company .

URC has specialists from many field including regional economy, regional planning, new city development, industrial geography, industrial park, tourism and integrated business experience. Former Disney global entertainment design director Ron Rodriguez and well-known urban planning designer Jeff Lee are two of our experts.

KMG's Urban Development Division focused on these five fields below:

  • Integrated large district development
  • Part and industry upgrade planning
  • Travel Experience Destination
  • Large Real Estate
  • International City Marketing Promotion

Urban Development Division Cases:

URC consulting team partner members have participated more than 200 cases on the planning, implementation assistance of urban district, industrial parks, integrated tourism destinations, theme parks, integrated cities, entertainment experience districts planning from all over the world. Including:

1.Integrated development strategy consulting of large area: Development strategy and conceptual scheme for ZhengZhou new city and Changsha Xiangjiang new district, Suzhou CRH (China Railway High-speed) new city development strategy and the introduction of international resources, Guiyang City, "DaDiZhiWu" town comprehensive development strategy, Nanjing Qinhuai Riverside the city to upgrade the comprehensive development strategy, South Korea Incheon port reclamation comprehensive development conceptual planning.

2.Park and industrial upgrade planning: General development strategy and interational source introduction for Xiamen biological silicon valley science park, National Investment Promotion Bureau Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone transformation and upgrading strategy, the national Wuhan Wujiashan Economic Development Zone transformation and upgrading strategy, the national Xi'an (Yanliang) aviation industry base strategic marketing and investment attracting.

3.Strategic consulting of tourism destination: General planning of South Korea "Koje" island resort comprehensive development, Seoul theme park planning and conceptual scheme, general development planning Jiangxi Lushan Xihai Li Island, Sichuan "Rose Valley" ecological agriculture and fragrance industry resort town development strategy, comprehensive development strategy of Henan Jigong mountain international mountain ecological culture tourism area .

4.Large real estate (urban complex / theme street / integrated real estate) Strategic Consulting: Zhengzhou Jincheng Times Square comprehensive commercial planning, Lintong Terracotta commercial / entertainment plaza, Shenzhen Renmin South Road business revival project, Qingdao Maidao creative commercial street general conceptual development planning, Tianjin Mission Tuanbo new town business development strategy scheme and implementation plan.

5.International City Marketing Promotion: The White House project series, the Statue of Liberty Centennial celebration, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge anniversary celebration events, the Atlanta Olympic commemorative celebration planning, the 200 anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, the development and promotion of Columbus, Ohio, Branson, Mo branding and promotion .