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Kotler Marketing Group (China) Urban and Real Estate Center projects introduction

Ⅲ.KMG tourism development project
"Koje" Island World Resort Destination Integrated Development Planning
Core Summary:

We positioned this project as the East Asian "World Resort Center", targeted at 5 international client market. We also planned and designed the function areas for trading, business, culture, entertainment and others.

Project Introduction:

The general planning and strategic development scheme are for an area about 600 square miles located in Koje Island, Korea. Mr. Jeff Lee's team finished this project from Daewoo (Korea) solely in two years.

The strategy development plan included the development for five market segments' architects and functional areas:

Attract domestic customer market by developing a "bi-coastal" tourism business resort community and a culture center. These included: 2 luxury hotels with private beach, Korean art performing center, amphitheater and ecological ocean park.

Positioned as the East Asian "World resort center", Koje world resorts' target audiences are international tourists. Their unique leisure and tourism content require this part to include 3 golf playfields around the luxury hotels (with more than 10000 rooms), one spa center and one casino.

Seoul Theme Park Planning and Conceptual Planning
Core Summary:

The top amusement park is built with themes such as space world, science, adventure/imagination and Korean traditional entertainment and attracted more than 3.5 million visitors at the first year.

Project Introduction:

Seoul theme park planned by KMG is one of the top-notch amusement parks in the world that it can be fully compared with the beautiful scene around Chongjin Mountain. A series of water stream, ponds and waterfull connected different themed areas closely in the valley zone of 140 acre.

The park includes an international market with different themed areas devoted to space world, science, adventure/imagination and Korean traditional entertainment. The thrilling projects and other entertaining performance has attracted more than 3.5 million of visitors which has broken the predicted number of 2.5 million.

Jiangxi Lushan Xihai Jing Harbor General Development Scheme (3400 mu)
Core Summary:

Proved the feasibility through multiple dimensions and multiple angles. Successfully confirmed the general positioning of this project as the world leading tourism resorts and provided a series of development scheme advices.

Project Introduction:

This project is located in Wuning, JiuJiang (Jiangxi). Natural "thousand" islands, forest and lakes surround this area. The whole project takes an area of 3381 mu with 520 mu of available area containing 3 peninsulas and 17 individual islands.

In 2012, Lu Mountain Li island tourism Development Company signed the cooperation contract with KMG, hiring us to instruct their general development strategy. Based on the condition of this project and our past experience, we successfully confirmed the general positioning of this project as the world leading tourism resorts. We also designed their product combination, development mode, profit mode as well as project general investment calculation. We then gave a series of scheme design instruction. This project is highly praised by many investors under our instruction.

Sichuan "Rose Valley" Agriculture and Perfume Industry Resort Development Strategy (26 km2)
Core Summary:

We provided the general positioning for Rose Valley, the international sources recommendation as well as the comprehensive development operation strategy. We also participated in the continuing conceptual scheme design.

Project Introduction:

Mianzhuyan Mountain tourism as the significant project of Mianzhu-Deyang third industry development as well as the image project of Post-earthquake construction holds high hope from government leaders. The development of Mianzhuyan Mountain has brought new opportunities for the project.

In February 2010, Beijing Yingu group signed contract with KMG, hiring us to work on the regional development strategy, regional economy development boost mechanism, industry structure and Rose Valley conceptual plan.

We designed comprehensive development strategies including general project positioning; soil gaining strategy; target audience/ market scale evaluation; business mode design; specific content plan; project implementation path; profit module evaluation; land requirements; initial finance calculation; development order; recommendation of global top execution study and international cooperation resources.

After the client confirmed what have been mentioned above, we continued to compose the design assignment and construct the general conceptual plan of the company.

Development Strategy of Henan Jigongshan International Ecological Culture Tourism Zone (196 km2)
Core Summary:

Settled the general positioning of "Spiritual tour" and made following detailed industry combination, product combination, profit mode and financing needs.

Project introduction:

KMG confirmed the general positioning of Jigong Mountain tourism, tourist experience, detailed tour, leisure content planning, relevant industry combination planning, general profit mode, financing needs and calculating. Besides, we also combined the general positioning of "spiritual tour", assisted local government to cooperate with US Christian foundation.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum (Nanjing) Tourism Business Integrated Development Planning
Core Summary:

With respect towards and the protection of Zhongshan's core areas in mind, we took an in-depth look into Nanjing's unique culture and civilization and integrate it into the concept and product of travelling, thus ensuring the fullfilment of 'Entertainment and Rest.

Project Introduction:

In November 2004, KMG signed the contract with Zhongshan to consult for "Zhongshan scenic spot operation planning" project.

We provided accurate market analysis, clear market direction, novel product design as well as profit mode for Zhongshan. With the respect towards and protection of Zhongshan's core areas, we took an in-depth look into Nanjing's unique culture, civilization and its environmental feature in order to construct Zhongshan scenic spot as international culture tourism zone.

We categorized the scenic zone into 9 parts and provided detailed structure design.

Qingdao Polar Ocean World: Entertainment and Business Development General Planning
Core Summary:

We confirmed their positioning as "themed leisure and resorts staying" integrated tourism and took down the challenge of uneven visitor amount caused by low season and peak season.

Project Introduction:

In this project, KMG has tackled the business mode challenge of uneven visitor amount caused by low season and peak season and onfirmed their positioning as "themed leisure and resorts staying" integrated tourism.

We then settled the operation details on development positioning, customer experience, entertainment, dining chair, tourism and shopping combination, night fun and rent/sale ratio.

Xi'an Qujiang Happy World
Core Summary:

We positioned this project as modern high-tech themed park. We assisted design partners to develop the visitor experience and business/entertainment combination in order to construct Xi'an as the modern tourism destination.

Project Introduction:

In August 2004, Xi'an happy world hired a team of KMG, US ITEC, Baker to conduct the earlier stage planning, project strategic positioning, park general planning, function distribution, organization structure and the construction of business mode. We were also responsible for the operation plan, themed project content design, equipment requirements and project implementation.

The focus of this project is constructing Xi'an as a large-scale modern high-tech themed park targeting at regional visitor market with predicted annual visitors of 3.5 million to be fulfilled with entertainment, participation, experience, thrill, fashion, knowledge and leisure.

It is a key project of Xi'an's modern tourism program with investments over 600 million RMB. We confirmed the general positioning for this project and developed the visitor experience and business/entertainment combination.