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KMG's core team

Below are some of the outstanding consultants and distinguished experts from KMG

KMG International Core Management Team
Philip Kotler

Chief consulting and global partner of KMG. He has been recognized as the founder and father of modern marketing. In addition, Dr. Kotler has published, tremendous amount of marketing books and paper. “Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, and Control”, first published in 1967, has issued its 10th edition in 14 languages. People has regarded this book as the Bible of marketing and it has been the basis for countless enterprises. Dr. Philip Kotler has been named as “world’s most important marketing strategy expert”. His latest book “Kotler on Marketing” has been reviewed as one of the best business books by Time magazine.

Dr. Philip Kotler is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago. He is hailed by Management Centre Europe as "the world's foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing." He has authored what is widely recognized as the most authoritative textbook on marketing: Marketing Management, now in it's 12th edition. He has also authored, or co-authored a number of other leading books, including Kotler on Marketing; Lateral Marketing; Strategic Marketing for Non-Profits; Marketing for Healthcare Organizations; Marketing Professional Services;? Marketing From A to Z; The 10 Deadly Marketing Sins; Marketing Moves; Marketing places; the Marketing of Nations; and Social Marketing.

Dr. Kotler has consulted to many major U.S. and foreign companies - including IBM, Michelin, Bank of America, Merck, General Electric, Honeywell, and Motorola - in the areas of marketing strategy and planning, marketing organization, and international marketing.

He holds many major awards, including the Distinguished Marketing Educator of the Year Award of the American Marketing Association and Marketer of the Year by the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI). He presents continuing seminars on leading marketing concepts and developments to companies and organizations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and participates in KMG client projects.

Milton Kotler

Milton Kotler is a marketing strategist with thirty years of professional experience. Mr. Kotler has led strategic projects for SAS Airlines, IBM, Ford Motors, Michelin, SBC, JP Morgan, Novartis, Pfizer, IBM, and other Fortune 1000 companies. Milton Kotler has been active in China for five years, assisting Chinese and Multinational companies to improve their marketing strategies and capabilities in the Chinese domestic market. He has assisted U.S. and European developers, investors and manufacturers to acquire assets and conduct business in China; as well as find cross-border M&As and strategic partnership opportunities for Chinese companies in the U.S. and Europe. Mr. Kotler is a violinist and Chairman Emeritus of the Washington Symphony Orchestra. He is active in the promotion of Sino-U.S. cultural exchange. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and a graduate of the University of Chicago. He resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Greta Kotler.

Tony Kotler

Tony has been with the firm for over 20 years. In his current capacity, he is responsible for developing and implementing consulting, research and training services, primarily for suppliers to the healthcare industry. Throughout his tenure at Kotler Marketing Group, Tony has focused on working with client firms to better understand, measure, and communicate the value of their products, systems, and services. He has had articles and papers regarding value-based sales and marketing published in B to B Magazine, Supply & Demand Chain, Selling Power and Marketing News. Tony has expertise in various business market management disciplines and processes, including pricing, marketing research, marketing planning, the design and development of value-based sales and marketing tools.? He has conducted training programs on value-based sales and marketing for leading business-to-business companies in a number of industries. In particular, he has considerable experience working with companies that sell into the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, having worked with dozens of diagnostic, medical equipment, instrument, consumable, and service providers.

Barry Deutsch

Barry heads up Kotler Marketings Financial Services practice. Barry is an experienced marketing and sales strategist and practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. His banking career included roles as head of marketing at Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh and Provident National Bank in Philadelphia. Barry has provided sales and marketing advice and training to leading companies in the software, hardware and telecommunications industries, as well as companies in banking, finance and insurance. He has presented on value-based marketing at industry conferences such as TransPay, and is a frequent speaker at conferences of the American Bankers Association and the Bank Administration Institute (BAI). Current and former clients include British Telecom, Fidelity National Financial, Ping An Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, and American Express. Barry holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Marketing Strategy Consulting Division Core Team (China)
.Mr. Tiger Cao

KMGs global partner, President of Greater China region. director at China Association for International Friendly Contact, managing partner of Angel Crunch technology foundation, co-founder Massachusetts Cambridge incubator. Mr. Cao has obtained a bachelor's degree of biochemistry, MBA degree and PhD in consumer behavior. Prior to KMG, he worked as senior manager of Henkel group and senior consultant of an international strategic consulting firm.

Mr. Cao has over 20 years' managing and consulting experience in strategic marketing, brand strategy, B2B marketing, digital marketing transformation, channel management, marketing and sales organization design and optimization in 11 different industries.

Below is the list of some of his clients and projects:

Marketing strategy and management projects:

TCL Group, Baosteel Group, Shenzhen China AVIC, AVIC International, Vanke Group, Futian Automobile, Yutong Bus, Sany Group, China Storage, Bank of China, P & W, General Motors China, Sinochem Group, Shield Group, China Merchants Group, China Textile Group, Skyworth Group, Ping An Property & Casualty, Vanke Real Estate, China Resources Snow Beer (China) Co., Ltd., Tsinghua Yuanxing Biology Medicine, Qingdao Iron & Steel Group, Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Pharmacy Group, Taiji Pharmacy Group, Pfizer China, Yangzijiang Pharmacy Group, Yiling Pharmacy Group.

Urban development and High tech park projects:

  • Avic Kotler International Biological Information Science City development strategy consulting
  • Nanjing Qinhuai River integrated development and transformation strategy consulting and international investment cooperation,
  • Tianjin Haihe integrated development and transformation strategy consulting and international investment cooperation,
  • the national (Yanliang) Aviation Technology Industry Base Marketing Strategy and International Cooperation Consulting,
  • Qingdao Luneng Group coast Comprehensive Development Project, Qingdao Polar Ocean World integrated tourism development strategy Consulting,
  • Xi'an Qujiang new area Happy World theme park Development Strategy Consulting,
  • Xi'an Terra Cotta plaza integrated cultural tourism project strategy consulting,
  • Shanxi energy equipment manufacturing industry base development strategy,
  • Beijing (Daxing) international security industry base development strategy and international cooperation,
  • Guizhou Dance of land 52 square kilometers tourism town development strategy consulting project,
  • Zhengzhou airport economic zone development strategy consulting project,
  • Suzhou High-speed railway industry planning and development strategy consulting project,
  • Jinjiang coastal resources planning and industrial upgrading strategy,
  • Sanya technology and creative industry strategic planning
  • Songshan Lake international Medical Park

Xincheng Yuan

Yuan Xincheng, marketing strategy divisions senior consultant, distinguished industry expert and managing partner of KMG China. Mr. Yuan is a well-known entrepreneurs, combat marketing experts, channel marketing authority in China. He is one of the founders of TCL Group and has served as vice president of TCL Group and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of TCL Group for years. He created a TCL channel model, and put forward the "speed impact scale" marketing strategy, successfully led the TCL Group into the list of global enterprises. Mr. Yuan has extensive experience in channel management, listing management and group management. In the channel management, he has proposed "thousands of village shops" model. He was the first one who advocated the development of rural strategic market in home appliance industry and hes also highly experienced in China's multi-layer, multi-regional market management.

Joe Monroe

Dr. Jonathan Monroe is the global director of KMG, managing partner and expert of marketing planning, marketing strategy and the study of marketing. His marketing experiences include a large amount of leading companies from multiple industries such as consumer electronics. aviation, consume packaging material, finance service, paper and wood, automobile, home appliance and tourism. His most recent clients are Pingan Insurance, TCL Group (China), Skyworth Group (China), Tsinghua Yuanxin Bio-medicine (China), Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, Scandinavian Airlines, Grupo Industrial Saltillo (Mexico), Stockholm Information Service Company, Michelin, Mavesa, Northwestern Mutual Fondationand Champion International. Dr. Jonathan Monroe graduated from University of Michigan and has gained a doctor degree at social science from University of Michigan.

Collen Qiao

Mr. Collen Qiao is the director of strategy consulting and managing partner at KMG (China). He graduated with an MBA degree from University of Wageningen. He has more than eleven years experience of market research and strategy consulting experience. He was senior consultant at KMG and specialized in company strategy planning, regional economic strategy, enterprise management and control design, company finance, marketing strategy and management. His recent cases include: marketing strategy for Pingan Group, marketing strategy planning for personal finance department of China Construction Bank, inner Mongolia branch. Development strategy planning for Guangzhou Xinguitong business tourism corporate, strategy planning for Ruihua Group (Jiangsu), corporate communication construction for Changan Group, Ningjiang company, market service strategy for Yutong heavy industry, corporate communication design for Hengxin Diamond, dicision making of Zhongshen international project investments, branding strategy planning for Baosteel group.

Sam Wang

Mr. Sam Wang is partner of Chinese partner, chief expert of digital marketing strategic transformation. Mr. Wang is one of the rare executive consultants who specialized at strategic consulting as well as big data commercial application. He has strategic consulting experience for more than 12 years and worked as chief strategy director and vice CEO at large listed groups and internet companies, and consultant for CEOs from multiple “Global 500” companies. Mr. Wang obtained a doctor degree at Business Administration from Paris University and studied at Harvad Business school, Paris HEC business school and Stanford business school. He was contributor for CEIBS Business Review, Tsinghua Management Review, Peking University Management Review and China Management Magazine. As a consultant, he has provided deep strategic consulting services for Baosteel group, China Merchants Group, Avic International, Yutong, Dell, CocaCola, P&G group, China Construction Bank and others.

Urban Development Division
Mumin Yao

Mr. Mumin Yao is chief consultant at Urban Development Division and managing partner of KMG. Mr. Yao is a legendary person at Chinese real estate industry. He founded Vanke real estate with Mr. Shi Wang and took the role as second general manager. After he left Vanke, he worked as chief manager at CITIC real estate, Pearl River Real Estate, Kaisa Real Estate. Mr. Yao joined KMG China in 2011 and was in charge of Urban Real Estate Center consulting project management and research work. Recent projects he has worked on includes: Shanghai EXPO D11 lot comprehensive development, comprehensive development strategy of Jiangxi Lushan Xihai healthcare spot, transformative upgrade strategy of China Merchants Group zhangzhou park.

Austin Ao

Mr. Austin Ao is the CEO of Urban Development Division and managing partner at KMG China. Hes a well-known urban econoy and real estate strategy consulting expert with more than 18 years of industry experiences. Mr. Ao first worked at Shenzhen urban planning bureau for 5 years. After that, he as a entrepreneur has founded three enterprises: Daguan Advertisement, Daguan Real Estate, Daguan Culture. He has directed and participated more than 300 development, planning, and marketing scheme projects on large real estate, business real estate, development parks, development strategy consulting of tourism destinations from 23 provinces all over China. He specialized at Urban development strategy planning, industry park, creative industry park, urban integrated urban complex, regional macroeconomics development strategy planning, tourism planning, large real estate enterprises, large real estate project execution planning and marketing. His recent projects include: Tianjin coastal area and XingYaoWuZhou real estate development consultant, Guizhou Dadizhiwu tourism town development strategy consulting project, Zhengzhou airport regional development strategy consulting project, Suzhou CRH (China Railway High-speed) new city industry planning and development strategy consulting project, Sanya technology and creative industry planning international investment, China Merchants Zhangzhou development zone transformation strategy, Jiangxi Lushan Xihai healthcare island development strategy, Sichuan "Rose Valley" ecological agriculture and fragrance industry resort town development strategy and Zhengzhou international healthcare resort development strategy.

Esther Wang

Ms.Esther Wang is the COO of KMG Urban Development Division, and General Manager of KMG Beijing Company . Ms. Wang graduated from Monash University in Austrailia with a master degree at tourism and urban planning. Ms. Wang has more than 12 years of experiences of consulting and researching tourism industry, high-tech industrial park, theme city and integrated real estate projects. She has already done deep research on global culture, technology industry developing trends and is very good at developing a resolution that combines regional feature as well as global industry map. She specialized at regional development strategy planning, industrial park development strategy, theme city strategy planning, tourism destination development strategy and branding strategy.

Cases she participated and directed are:

International projects: tourism scheme for famous business street BRIDGE ROAD in Melbourne, Australia, marketing strategy for Healsville Sanctuary wild park tourism (Australia) and sevice management and marketing strategy for well-known Australian five-star hotel chain CROWN PROMENADE.

Domestic project: Guizhou Dadizhiwu tourism town development strategy consulting project, Zhengzhou airport regional development strategy consulting project, Suzhou CRH (China Railway High-speed) new city industry planning and development strategy consulting project, Jinjiang coastal source planning and industry upgrade strategy, Sanya technology and creative industry planning international investment, China Merchants Zhangzhou development zone transformation strategy, Jiangxi Lushan Xihai healthcare island development strategy, Sichuan "Rose Valley" ecological agriculture and fragrance industry resort town development strategy, Zhengzhou international healthcare town development strategy, Avic Shenzhen branding strategy planning, Shenzhen Renmin South Road business revival project, Shenzhen former science museum site brand function transformation conceptual planning.