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CEO's word

Kotler was a famous name in Chinese Business Management, before our Company came to China in 1999. Managers had been reading Philip Kotlers books on Business Strategy and Marketing Management for two decades since their first Chinese translations. With growing competition from multinational companies in the China domestic market, and with the squeeze on Chinese exports by consolidated global buyers, they needed to apply Philips systematic analysis and precepts to real business practice to improve their market share and profitability. Just as Kotler Marketing Group had offered training and strategic consulting services to global companies in best marketing practices for decades, it was time that we came to China to help Chinese enterprises achieve a level playing field with their foreign and domestic competition.

Time flies, a decade has passed, we are proud to have served many large-scale companies in China such as TCL, CRC, Shanghai GM, Luneng Group, Pingan Insurance Group, Skyworth, Bank of China, Avic, Yutong, Haichang Group, Sweet Group and so on. Our business grew rapidly and created values for clients in in fields such as aviation, urban development, agriculture industrialization and others. We are going to do every thing we can to help Chinese enterprises to win in domestically or internationally.

After 30 years of implementation, KMG has become a global brand. Though we are a wholly owned company with head office in Washington, D.C. and has a wide connection of global corporates and finance resources, we still would like to consider KMG (China) as a pure Chinese local company. For the profit and prosperity of China, we are going to bring all this networks and resources to Chinese corporates and organizations. Our job is to introduce great strategy and marketing management ability and quality property to Chinese enterprises and cities meanwhile to help Chinese enterprises/brands with its expansion and obtain the ownership of more international brands.

We have more than 50 experts in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen brances. They all graduated from top schools with MBA degree from countries such as Unite States. Europe, Canada, Australia and China. I come to China every month to guide our clients projects and help our consultant team to grow. At the same time, Our CEO of KMG China, Dr. Tiger Cao has gained marvelous achievement in company and clients value management.

This year, we founded “Kotler (China) Institute” in order to strengthen our research ability in China. We are devoted to introduce the latest and most effective marketing theory and marketing skills to China, for example, accurate marketing, value marketing (ROI), experiential marketing, advertising and marketing performance evaluation, e-marketing, social metered purchasing behavior, new distribution channels and advanced distribution policies, emotional brand marketing, integrated marketing communication, data base marketing targeted at clientele development and maintenance, consumer value sales management and other advanced marketing and sales implementation techniques. Chinese enterprises are still at extensive beginning stage. They have to understand the advanced marketing system that many of the world’s leading companies are using and learn the world-level of thinking.

From last year, we have intensely promoted the “technology and brands transportation between China and United States”. Now we have substantiated the docking between famous universities from the states and powerful manufacture industry from China and founded “international university science park” in Suzhou with Suzhou government.

China’s economy is growing steadily and we are facing a very rare huge opportunity. KMG (China)’s business ability will have to grow exponentially and we need to carry out the guiding principles of “China focus” firmly. We need to implement the business focus of “promoting American technology and intelligence property transportation towards China” and the investment promise of “study China and serve Chinese clients” thoroughly. Only by doing those, can we help the Chinese enterprises and cities to win this globalization battle.