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Kotler Career

KMG welcomes fresh graduates and experienced professionals from other industries to join the our team. If you have the passion for the field of consulting, the capability of analyzing, creative thinking as well as the spirit of teamwork, the willingness to solve client's problems and help corporates and government to achieve great performance, please submit your resume to us via our website at any time and we shall arrange the following procedures.


We provide pre-graduate students the opportunity of working and learning with consultants at KMG. Interns will be allocated to different groups of projects or participating the work of multiple groups at the same time. We are going to assign one consultant to direct and evaluate your work in order for you to have an initial concept of consulting procedures and to meet our requirements sooner.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn

Junior Consultant / Business Analyst

We are looking for fresh graduates and people with at least one year of working experience. Your working purpose is to familiarize yourself with consulting and broaden your vision of relevant industries. On any given day you might:

  • Start up one or two projects
  • Conduct market research and customer interviews
  • Provide data support and analysis for the project
  • Study the client's key business issues
  • Learn the ability of problem solving and communicating

You will be participating different sorts of training, being in touch with all kinds of business issues and obtaining industry experiences. Following your mentor's guidance, you will be continuously learning and improving in your position. Please apply online if intended.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn


We are looking for MBA graduates and people with more than three years of working experience. You will be facing a large range of projects. On any given day you might:

  • Be responsible for one project module
  • Conduct market research and interviews with clients
  • Analyze project data
  • Learn deeply about client's key issues and strategies
  • Work with clients to ensure the smooth implementation of projects
  • Guide project team members with fewer experiences
  • Participate the composition of internal knowledge base

You will be attending trainings to start accumulate professional knowledge and gain industrial experience from it. You are going to continuously receiving feedback from clients, colleagues and project managers and guidance from your mentor.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn

Senior Consultant

We are looking for people with an MBA degree, profound interpretation of the field of consulting or relevant fields and rich industry experiences. On any given day you might:

  • Be in charge of single or multiple project modules or small projects
  • Work closely with clients to ensure the smooth communication on all aspects
  • Learn deeply about client's issue and develop corresponding strategies to ensure client's satisfaction of scheme
  • Guide project team and clients
  • Take part in project bid
  • Join the construction of new business model
  • Participate the composition of internal knowledge base

You will be given the chance to utilize your professional knowledge thoroughly. You will cooperate with leading companies in the industry and help our clients to carry out the construction and operation of new business mode. Your experience grows continuously with the projects you have worked on. Please apply online if intended.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn

Project Manager

This position is usually for highly experienced senior consultants. As the project manager, you will play the most key role in the project. On any given day you might:

  • Manage client relationship and make sure the project outcome succeed client's expectation
  • Guarantee the outcome of projects and the budget & final accounts
  • Report the progress of projects to the company's partners
  • Develop creative solutions to complicated issues
  • Be responsible for project team members' training, mission assigning as well as the work feedback and performance evaluation
  • Be in charge of the bid and development of professional tools

As the project manager, you will practice your leadership through project management and learn to have your eyes both on the larger picture and details. You will be focused on single or multiple fields as your specialty. At the same time, you will be participating the company's operation such as recruiting, training and the composition of internal knowledge base.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn

Partners / Project directors

Partners / Project directors are all senior consultants selected and recommended internally. Successful candidate is usually great at leadership, business instinct, judgment, organizing, client development and management. The suitable person should be quite familiar with single or multiple fields. The person will be responsible for the mutual trusty relationship with clients and provide profitable creative solution for client's projects. The work includes consulting programs, bid management, development of company's business as well as running business centers or branches.

Apply to join KMG: hr@kotler.com.cn