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Kotler training: Classic executives course

1. Marketing strategy for senior management

Positioned as 'the most systematic and authoritative management course', this course will help CEOs, CMOs and other executives in the construction of top level marketing strategy and management structures, drive corporations to become 'market-oriented' organizations, assist CEOs in solving the problem of market growth strategies and use marketing strategies to create a quantifiable strategy. This course is based on Philip Kotler's system framework and 15 years of KMG's consulting experience in the Chinese market. Tiger Cao, CEO of KMG China will be the lecturer for this course.

2. Brand strategy: Positioning, social media and bigdata

Positioned as 'the foremost brand strategy course in the digital age', this course will include the three core points of brand strategy, namely Positioning, Social Media and Bigdata. Cases will be drawn from the lecturer's over-a-decade's worth of experience in consulting in order to provide the most realistic assessments. Strategy will be used as an entryway into KMG's newest methods of the usage of social media and bigdata in actual situations. Attendees can directly use the lecturer's methodology and theories to formulate their own plans for their own corporations to achieve their own answers based on their own understanding of their situation. Sam Wang, partner of KMG China will be the lecturer for this course.

3. Brand strategy for B2B business in the digital era

Positioned as 'a course in brand strategy systems for B2B firms in the digital age', this course will help B2B firms create competitive advantages through branding, providing them stable ground on which to stand in the digital wave. Combining B2B firm brand construction and industry features, a systematic introduction to the way B2B firms can begin brand construction work will be given, combining digital age technology and B2B brand construction work to demonstrate a frame of action and detailed steps that B2B firms can take in the process of brand construction. Collin Qiao, partner of KMG China will be the lecturer for this course.

4. Branding strategy on a Corporate level

Positioned as 'a solution to brand strategy and management problems encountered by CEOs', this course will provide a look into the core of corporate branding. Unlike business brand strategies, the core of corporate branding is in brand positioning, core values and brand structure affirmation and design. Brand equity will be maximized in order to achieve financial gain. This course will also help high level executives in penetrating the various levels of branding, from brand creation, to organizing and management. It is most suited to differentiation heavy companies and corporate brand creation. This course combines KMG's global consulting experience with a decade's worth of experience in China providing consulting for firms such as Baosteel, China Grain Reserves, COFCO and the Merchants group. Collin Qiao, partner of KMG China will be the lecturer for this course.

5. Digital transformation strategy the in digital era

Positioned as 'a course in digital transformation for large corporations and MNC executives', this course combines KMG's global digital transformation experience along with 5 years of consulting experience and case studies for Mid-to-Large American corporations. Methods and theories on achieving digital transformation along with strategic emulation, interaction, organizational transformation, cultural transformation and marketing transformation will be considered in the process of assisting CEOs in implementing strategies in the Digital Age. Ira Kaufman, an experienced consultant from KMG America and doctor from Kellogg School of Management will be the lecturer for this course.

about KMG

Kotler Marketing Group (KMG) is the largest consulting firm in the fields of marketing and sales. KMG headquarters are located in Washington DC, with branch divisions located 28 countries all over the world such as the UK, Sweden, Canada, Australia, South Korea, France, Bahrain and China. The Kotler Institute and the large customer management and research center is located in Chicago, US. KMG Shenzhen, China is a proprietary company under the KMG, with its main responsibilities being marketing/sales training.

KMG is well known worldwide for adopting a systematic, practical, dependable and flexible approach in terms of marketing/sales training.

We assist corporations in solving the dilemmas of marketing/sales systems by way of our training programs. In adherence to our decree of 'Kotler in Action', we have discovered a large amount of practical tools and models to assist in the management process by combining the Father of Marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler's classic systems with corporate marketing problems, with their practically being confirmed by corporations all around the world.

KMG's training programs' practicality can be seen in the detail of each course, including the suitability of each model and tool, the inherent variety of in each course and scientific design of said courses. The ability to respond to the unique needs of each customer and making flexible adjustments to products and services are prerequisites to customer satisfaction. KMG utilizes several methods to ensure flexible responses: When clients are facing problems in their operations, KMG's consultants team will then visit the client company to carry out research on the problem, to make sure the client receives the right form of training. Once the problems have been affirmed, course design or modification will then be carried out. KMG's quality team of consultants will ensure the stability of implementation. Once implementation is complete, KMG will then provide assistance in the form of evaluations and further steps.

Dependable courses and a stable quality of delivery are the bases of client satisfaction. KMG's training courses' dependability has for long been recognized as being one of the most dependable in the entire world, including China. This is mainly due to:

1. The quality of the courses themselves; KMG has been sampling, importing and developing certified courses with a reputation for excellence, this in turn will ensure that all of KMG's marketing and sales related courses are on a globally recognized level.

2. Professional lecturers. All of the courses are delivered by professionally trained, full-time lecturers. KMG has created a specialized marketing and sales research center to continually improve educational content and method of delivery.

3. Changing habits. KMG utilizes advanced training methods and concepts to deliver training, with special attention to the studying habits of adults. This is done to truly influence clients to change their ways and habits.

4. Teaching techniques. We believe that a quality lecturer's role is to guide trainees to develop their own thoughts and behavioral habits, and by way of KMG's teaching techniques,

We are always on the look out for any problems that clients encounter in the fields of marketing and sales in order to help clients develop problem solving skills.

Training process

By combining years of training experience in China and training expertise and theories from many different sources, KMG has formulated a scientific and professional training system, with achieving results at the core. The following are a list of the training programs that KMG has produced using our scientific training system.

Worldwide Clients

At the end of 1999, KMG first entered China and began providing training courses in marketing and sales and consulting for Mid-to-Large Chinese corporations and MNC branches in China. From then, KMG has gone on to provide its services in industrial development strategies, strategic marketing management, attracting foreign investment and other services for many different government facilities and national development zones. KMG has also provided consulting and training services in corporate strategy, marketing strategy and performance boosts for up to 500 hundred different corporations across several different industries.

KMG has provided consulting and training services for a multitude of different Chinese corporations.